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Welcome to Roshga Borzoi
I purchased my first Borzoi (a bitch) in 1970 from Anita and Murray Jurgens (Kashtan). Since then I have been involved on and off with the breed, showing and breeding, until I was joined by my partner, Jacques, in 1987. We continue to show and breed only when we have enough puppy buyers.  

Our policy is to breed for soundness, temperament and as close to the standard as possible. Though we have had Hound Group winners (Ch Shows), we have also had BIS (Breed Show) and our hope is to one day produce a BIS all breeds winner. To all the new Borzoi owners and exhibitors our advice is to persevere if showing is your “thing” and to the established owners and exhibitors, keep the standard  foremost in your minds and not personal preferences.

As always, we are available to assist anyone who may have queries about Borzoi and if we can’t help will endeavor to find assistance elsewhere.
1. Ch Boran of Roshga (Boris) - Ussoro x Bacaret Silver Caprice
2. Ch Jarov of Roshga (Kazakh) - Bilkau Yuri x Teltrishka Madam Pompadour
3. Ch Saringa’s Cinzano of Roshga (Kira) - Zoribo Egon x Saringa’s Borolo
4. Roshga Russian Symphony (Topaz) - Ch Boran of Roshga  x Ch Saringa’s Cinzano of Roshga
5. Russian Rhapsody (Amber) - Ch Boran of Roshga  x Ch Saringa’s Cinzano of Roshga
6. Roshga Argos Ivanovic (Rurik) - Dober-Kopp “Magyar” Pato Pal Ur x Roshga Russian Symphony
7. Ahsatan Return to Africa (Ozzy) - Aust Ch Ahsroff Damon x Aust Ch Zoribo African Safari
8. Dober-Kopp Red River of Leekhoi (Scarlett) -  ICh, EU.W 04, WW03, HJCh, O.JCh, HSCh, O.Ch, HGCh, D.Ch,Slo.Ch, Dober-Kopp Pannon Zoltan x WW 09, EU.JW, HJCh, HCh, Dober-Kopp Black Sirocco
9. Leekhoi Sheba (Sophie) - Ch Roshga Azka Ivanovic of Bacaret x 
Dober-Kopp Black Mirage
10. Nasdom Yelena of Roshga (Roxanne) - Dober-Kopp “Magyar” Pato Pal Ur x Nasdom Fialka
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